I'm back. Welcome to my new official website.

Hi Beautiful people,

I have been absent with blogging as I was having some platform problems, and decided to take matters into my own hands.

This newest official page is a work in progress, and my new baby. I will be updating the blogging session with past and upcoming projects, videos, shoots as well as thoughts about the fashion and digital industry. I will try to be as always as direct and as honest as I can.

Being right in the middle of fashion month I can clearly state that what this industry needs is a refreshing injection of directness, kindness and honesty.

But not the type of fake kindness that screams “I’m nice to you cause I think I need you for my career”. I want human kindness, on the basis of nothing, the type of conversation that you’d have with your cab driver, cleaner or plumber. As well as with the editor of the one of biggest fashion magazines, the next IT-girl (is this term still in use?) or the marketing director of a brand you’d love to work with. I want to level up the field, remove the fakeness, see people relaxed while they are working and see them laugh more of genuine joy.

Call me an idealist, but we are all in this together, and competition is nothing but an illusion. Walk your own way, and you will get to your own, unique destination.

shot by Ellen von Unverth

shot by Ellen von Unverth

Welcome to the new Chicoverdose.


Xenia Tchoumi