I love my community and I want you guys to live at your highest potential.

Here’s just 4 simple and tangible habits that will transform your life, and make you happier if you use them religiously


Sometimes the reptilian part of your brain tries to go into survival mode and sends you alarming and negative messages. As well as simple discouraging mental patterns from your family and society, are extremely effective to make you feel horrible on a daily basis.

How to break the pattern? You can’t avoid unnerving thoughts.

Ask yourself for every single thought you think : “is this thought helpful? is it making it better for me?” — and if not, don’t take it too seriously. A helpful way is to write down or speak out loud an opposite statement.

If you’re thinking “I’m so stupid”, say out loud “I’m so intelligent” in the mirror. Three times.

Trust me it will feel awkward initially, but it does work magic.

Talk back to your inner critic, challenge it, don’t let it run your life or make your decisions for you.

Fear and self-doubt are hard to eradicate, but you can feel the fear and do it anyway. Feel uncomfortable and still do that thing that scares you so much.

2. SET GOALS, and learn to enjoy the process of getting to them.

write them down, and give yourself time. Remember you’re allowed to be happy during the process, not only when you reach it. Recognise the tremendous learning curve you’re experiencing along the way, the pure feeling of growth is powerful.


I know it’s an extremely hard one with Instagram and social media - yet it’s an important one.

First of all this life is not a race. Keep your eyes on yourself.

Someone else’s journey is none of your business and you have no real clue of where they have started and what they have really been through to get where they are today. The starting points are never, ever the same.

Whether someone's struggling or super successful should never be a reason for your judgement or your envy. Remember social media’s images are just highlights and tips of the iceberg. You really never know what someone has been through and all you see is an impression.

Focus on yourself.


I do 20 min of yoga a day (or I workout, or walk around the block, or dance), I eat a lot of wholesome, healthy, nutritious foods and I meditate.
Self love is expressed through love to your body, don’t punish it - nourish it from inside out.

Experiment for a few days to eat lots of greens, healthy fats, nuts, fruits and cut processed, sugary and unhealthy foods. And move, it doesn’t matter how and where - but do move for at least 30 min every day. Then see how you feel. I am ready to bet that your productivity will skyrocket.